SDN and the Cloud – quick thought

If SDN, and it’s “sister” NFV, actually achieve the hype that has been circulating could we actually have a day where infrastructure cloud providers are really no longer “independently” purchased by the data center manager (or CMO, or COO, or whatever flavor of “business driven cloud consumer” you choose).  Instead, could we see a day where there are ecosystems in place such that the SDN management software has a direct link with specific cloud providers (e.g. one for compute, another for storage, etc.).  some have called that “real time infrastructure”.  My question though is – could, concurrently, each SDN ecosystem have an optimized set of API’s such that the SDN management software can dynamically provision and de-provision pre-determined, contractually bound, specific cloud sourced resources real-time, from a pre-selected cloud provider in that eco-system.

At that point, the data center manager really doesn’t care who the specific cloud provider is, assuming that the ecosystem has properly vetted that cloud provider.  If that is possible, then is it possible that one of the very large global infrastructure providers would own both ends (the SDN Management environment AND the cloud infrastructure services)?  Do IaaS cloud providers really then focus their attention on SDN developers, rather than data center managers?


One response to “SDN and the Cloud – quick thought

  1. That’s where it seems to be going with the Telcos and Carriers today we just don’t really see it up front. They are developing the infrastructure and APIs similar to what Google is doing with OpenCompute bypassing the hardware and software vendors. Also NFV is being deployed at the Telcos and Carriers today. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) applies virtualization to the telecom core network functions and the associated core and value-added applications of a CSP enabling the CSP to reduce cost and improve time to market. SDN and NFV are already transforming telecom networks because this time the telcos and carriers, not the vendors, are pushing the new technologies.. Forward thinking companies such as HP and Microsoft are already climbing aboard fast to avoid being caught in the disruption that will take place as SDN as providers are quickly turning up their SDN/NFV network services. I see the next opportunity being in providing scalable security solutions and automated management (dealing with skills redundancies) as SDN/NFV networks will be globally spread out.

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