I read an interesting article the other day from an analyst I greatly respect, but have to disagree with regarding MAM and MDM. At the risk of oversimplifying the technologies involved, MAM – Mobile Application Management – is a piece of software that allows an organization to present a customized appstore to their employees or customers.  MDM – Mobile Device Management – is a technology that allows an enterprise to manage the hardware, software, network access, and security profile of an employee/visitor’s mobile device (MDM is a big part of the BYOD security play).  Some MDM solutions have a MAM component.  In other words, within the MDM solution, there is the ability to present a customized appstore.

What I think is important to clarify is that though some MDM’s have MAM capabilities, MAM alone is not a way to secure an employee/visitor device.  MAM does not secure the hardware, software and network access within the mobile device.  MDM does.  

Don’t get me wrong.  You need both functionality.  My concern is that people acquiring a MAM solution should never think that they are actually securing the Mobile Device.  


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