IT presentations are not news articles

Is it me, or are we seeing more and more online IT journals doing powerpoint presentations instead of actual articles?
Each day, we all get emails of articles from various IT publications, and inevitably they hit on a topic that is timely and of serious interest within the organization. But, when I click on it, I end up with a fluffy slideshow of material that wouldn’t suffice for a real presentation, and apparently doesn’t suffice for a true article.

There are so many great IT journalists out there. I have spoken to many of them myself, and their depth of knowledge is impressive. How can we get more of these great journalists to write deep, informative articles? And how do we stop the presentations?


One response to “IT presentations are not news articles

  1. Agreed – they are annoying – but they drive page views and time on site metrics – for for driving advertising revenue. They also allow post/article titles with numbers – which drive additional traffic. I don’t think they are going to go away.

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