SDN and potential schadenfreude

Yesterday’s acquisition of Nicira could be an important turn in the reality vs. hype of SDN.  But, as with many overhyped technologies, too many people look at the technology as the next “slayer of the big guys”.  It’s interesting to watch the media point out how this acquisition will put the entrenched network vendors such as Cisco on their heels.  Unfortunately, these media folks must have short memories, or just are not doing their homework.  The “big guys” have been on this for a while.  As an example, not an advertisement, check out Cisco’s investment in Insieme.  

Openflow, SDN and other versions of network virtualization will become more and more hyped in the coming months as more Nicira-type acquisitions take place.  And there is no doubt that the technology, as it matures, will be a disruptor. But, I wouldn’t underestimate the fact that the “big guys” are moving quickly as this technology evolves.  

It will be fun to watch, participate and compete as network virtualization matures. 


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