HP Printer PC consolidation and the Internet of Things

Just a thought…could the consolidation of HP’s printing and PC business be considered a very early step towards fulfilling Gartner’s vision on the “internet of things”.  Will the printing business take on more intelligence in what they actually print, thus enabling devices to have intelligence (internet, location, etc.) “printed” on them?

Or is that just dreaming way too far ahead?


3 responses to “HP Printer PC consolidation and the Internet of Things

  1. I vote that its dreaming. What is actually happening? The PC is dying away. No longer critical to the success of HP. Now an accessory to the printer business.

  2. The PC isn’t dying away; with 6% growth in ANZ (I think they include notebooks in the definition of PC these days) it is still very much alive. What the PC market is, is very mature…therefore somewhat flat. PCs and printers are what they are: a commoditised product where it is bloody difficult to differentiate, much less find a decent margin.

  3. William Hurley Sr.

    It’s no dream … it is a manifestation of the growing seemlessness of placing functional aspects of “intelligence” where they make the most sense … Originally printers were complete slaves to cpu’s, some limited setups had them completely separate, but with no embedded intelligence as we think of it today … As the concept of channels evolved for the offloading of some of the intellegence workload for functions like creating “hard copy”, more physical and logical independence grew for the “channelized” functioned equipment.

    The phenomenal reduction in the cost and physical footprint of “intelligence” has now reversed that trend. The first, albeit not so new now, evidence of this was the appearance of the multi-functional printer/fax/scnanner/copier … In the future the functional requirements to be satisfied by a need for hard copy production or virtual hard copy production will no longer be a phsical considerationof physical system design … the considreations will be the optimization of the physical/logical location of the function.

    HP sees this and is organizing in order to eliminate organizational fiefdoms as a consieration in future product planning. The idea that the ‘PC” is dying deals with a pc as a previously understood physical compartmentalization of a set of functions … That is anachonistic. Most of those functions are being distributed and/or aglomerated as a part of enterprise opportunity design, not as a physical entities. The evolutionay extension of the cloud concept is that system design consideration will not be constrained by function location but by the network of capability requirements demanded by the business. It will not be physical system design function that will reign but logical system design functionality.

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