Westcon Security Forum (Part II)

As an update to my previous post  the Westcon Security Forums held last week were a great series of interactions amongst vendors, resellers, partners and Westcon.

The first 2 hours were presentations primarily covering two areas – Security Technology Trends and Executive Relevance Selling.  The Security Trends discussion covered 4 of the major security trends that we at Westcon are seeing in the market today:

1. Server Virtualization Security & Compliance
2. Cloud Security
3. Big Data and Security

An introductory video here discusses 3 of the 4 topics, and I will get into the 4th – NAC & BYOD – in a followup post.

The second part of the presentations was on Executive Relevance Selling (ERS).  If you are not familiar with the concept, the guy to talk to is David McNicholas (David.McNicholas@westcon.com) who pretty much invented the concept as it relates to the channel.  David has created a comprehensive customer engagement process and platform that enables the reseller to talk to the customer about solutions from an ROI and business value perspective as opposed to just a technology discussion.  If you have not yet learned about ERS, I encourage you to reach out to David.  I am sure we will discuss it further in upcoming posts, but any of the posts you have previously read here regarding the process and approach of engaging the CIO and selling into IT is exactly aligned with what David teaches.  But, David makes it specific and actionable.

Will catch up further with you soon!


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