Like Westcon Group, Carousel Industries is Bullish on Virtualization – and Teamwork

As a premier global distributor, it’s our responsibility to work closely with our partners to ensure the greatest success possible for their customers.  The
recent efforts of Westcon and Carousel Industries to virtualize our own data
centers has enabled our companies to give customers the perspective they need
to fully realize the benefits of with virtualization and cloud computing.
To elaborate more on this great success story — Kevin Gulley, Editor of Carousel Connect – discusses these efforts in further detail.

Like Westcon Group, Carousel Industries is Bullish on
Virtualization – and Teamwork

At Carousel Industries, we understand the value of teamwork. That’s why we partner with the best and brightest IT vendors in the industry, including Westcon Group. So when they asked us to pull together a guest blog post for the Westcon blog, we were thrilled.  Westcon Group shares our passion for using technology to drive business value, whether it’s through unified communications, data center solutions, infrastructure or security.

And like Westcon, Carousel also “eats its own dog food” when it comes to technology by finding ways to use it effectively on our own internal networks. One recent success story we share is virtualization technology.

To keep up with our rapidly growing requirements for data center resources, in early 2010 Carousel set out to execute on a server virtualization strategy in our Exeter, R.I. headquarters. The idea was to provide greater application functionality and flexibility, especially for mobile users, while giving us some breathing room for expansion and lowering power and cooling costs.

The results have exceeded expectations.  We replaced 100 physical servers with just five machines for peak periods and three for nighttime hours. All told, we’ve virtualized more than two-thirds of our enterprise server infrastructure thus far. As a result, we’re saving lots of money on power, cooling, IT support and operational costs.

Westcon Group has gone even further, as it’s one of the few companies that has virtualized 100% of its server infrastructure. And it is likewise getting some big benefits, as outlined in this story from InformationWeek, which quotes Bill Hurley, CTO and Executive VP of Westcon Group:

The new virtualized environment requires fewer system administrators to manage, saving on managed services expenses, lowered the cost of data center consolidation, and lowered electricity consumption in the new digs. Hurley said getting to 100% virtualized has saved Westcon $1.1 million over a two-year period. He now runs 350 virtual servers on the 22 UCS blades, with some blades hosting only 3-4 virtual machines and some hosting 25-30.

Virtualization is about more than cost savings, as Bill highlighted during a recent CIO Tech Talk he did with us. The technology lays the foundation for lots of other applications that help Carousel and Westcon Group drive more business value, including unified communications, mobility solutions, security and, in particular, cloud computing.

We learned quite a bit during the course of our virtualization project – so much so that we wrote a white paper called “Best Practices in Data Center Virtualization” to share our experiences. One of those best practices is to make good use of expert resources and technology partners.

If you need help with your virtualization project, you’d do well to leverage the expertise and resources of a partner like Westcon Group. For years, Carousel has benefited from the experienced team at Westcon; we encourage you to do the same.


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