Tablets for the Execs

I have an iPad.  I love it for home use.  And I think it has some significant value in business today.  But the one thing that I don’t understand is the value of an iPad for senior executives. 

Often, senior executives are traveling on planes.  The iPad’s form factor is ideal for this.  And, most senior exec’s live in their email.  They get so much of it.  What confuses me is that if your email platform is Exchange (and I believe the same holds true for Notes) you cannot delete email or move email into folders if you are using an iPad on a plane without wifi.  I am guessing Apple will fix that some day, if they actually think it is a flaw.  But it is really important for senior execs to be aware of this gap in functionality. And, for the exec to understand that it isn’t up to IT to “fix it” – we can’t.

For a CIO, one of the toughest challenges is helping senior executives keep their email managed properly.  Their inboxes can get huge fast, and even with the proper policies and archiving capabilities, senior execs must still aggressively manage their emails almost every minute of the day.  Ideally, being on a plane is a perfect time to tidy up their inbox.  The iPad’s form factor is perfect for that.  Just be aware that if your execs ask for an iPad that they understand the limitations.  It won’t help you help them.

PS – although not an advertisement for Android – my Xoom does allow me to manage emails completely on a non-wifi plane.


3 responses to “Tablets for the Execs

  1. Pit Burkhardt

    Interesting. Shows that when it comes to understanding email needs Google has an edge over apple.

  2. I think fewer business travellers are actually ‘working’ on laptops while in flight. On an SFO to JFK trip earlier this week (on a wi-fi enabled flight), most were surfing, reading books on kindles, or watching movies on iPads. The few brave souls in coach who attempted to work on their laptops (I saw mostly spreadsheets), had them shoved up against the seat back in front of them, and were doing cramped typing with fingers at a 90 degree angle to their wrists. Not a great environment for answering emails or tidying up inboxes.

  3. Dr. WestconCTO ,

    Is there anyything else I can have loaded on my iPad2 to make it more ” Work Ready ” other than adding my Exchange Server to access E-mail ?

    Luv Lou

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