Desktop Virtualization

A lot of hype, wow, a lot of hype.

One observation

The actual ability to introduce the solution into the end-user enterprise needs to be looked at in two parts.  It seems that those most excited are focused on the value and flexibility of the end-points.  We need to be able to focus everyone’s attention on the real hurdles associated with VDI which is primarily around SAN (or simply put IOPS) performance.  Our counsel to our customers, as a distributor, is to introduce the benefits of the technology without requiring capex investments on end points.  End users can get a lot out of VDI pilot programs by using existing end points (laptops and desktops) and focusing the pilot on the introduction of the VDI platform and the demand it places on the SAN and the network.  It allows everyone to get a better sense of the complete cost/benefit picture without getting tripped up on the introduction of a new end-point platform.


One response to “Desktop Virtualization

  1. Hi Bill,

    Well said!

    Many customer’s still acquire storage based on capacity only and don’t take in consideration the IOPS requirements brought about by virtualization, and even more so with desktop virtualization.


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