Hyper Cloud Storm

As with anyone in IT, we study the many different articles every week on the major trends in technology – the business aspects, implications and the pure geeky bits and bytes of being in one of the most exciting industries in business today. And, right now within the industry, you can’t go 5 minutes without getting a twitter message, blog post or news article on Cloud Computing.  The hype can be overwhelming. 

So, of course, we are now starting to see articles that indicate that cloud technology is lagging behind the hype.  Specifically, xAAS technologies.  If you can ignore the hype, you would hear us completely disagree.  Cloud-based services are working, and will continue to improve the agility and ROI of most IT organizations.   Westcon itself  has developed some significant experiences in Cloud-based services. We utilize Microsoft’s BPOS technology as well as Amazon’s EC2, as just two examples.  And, we are very pleased with the technology – though there have been bumps in the road.  The bumps in the road have not been serious, and the benefits have thus far outweighed the bumps in the road.  This is not an advertisement for either of the above-mentioned products per se, but it is a statement of fact that these technologies have worked very well for us and provide our organization with significant value.  (I will go into the cost-benefits in future posts.)  

The reason for this post was to point out that as the hype pendulum over cloud technologies swings from ecstasy to agony, we want to point out that the hype is just that – hype.  The technologies work, we have been using them for quite some time, and can work with our customers confidently, speaking from experience, about how these technologies can help an organization and what those bumps in the road will probably look like.

Basically the message is this – we don’t want to lose the very real, very genuine value associated with these technologies just because the hype-machine is hungry for something new to hype about.


One response to “Hyper Cloud Storm

  1. Hi Bill,


    Was reading this item on Cloud computing and although the economist is not an IT magazine, normally they seem to be well informed, so I was wondering if Westcon has the security side of cloud computing well covered.

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