Additional Tagging Point…

Coincidentally, the day after my post below on Unified Communications & Collaboration, an article on Indexing Cloud Storage by George Crump appeared on the Plug Into the Cloud blog where tagging was discussed within the context of cloud storage.  I bring it up here since it is quite clear (an example could be in Avaya’s roadmap announcements today but is applicable with any of the UC solutions such as Cisco or Microsoft as well) that using cloud storage as part of a UC solution will be viable in the future.  More to the point, our suggestion to use simple data models such as CUSTOMER, PRODUCT, EMPLOYEE and SUPPLIER could bridge the API issues that George Crump points out – and – could facilitate integration of that cloud stored information with locally stored information. 

More to come on this, but thought it perhaps valuable to tie the issues together.


2 responses to “Additional Tagging Point…

  1. Paul Guglich Jr.

    Very interesting posts Bill. thanks for the insight!

  2. Test. Thanks. Great talking points to customers

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